The Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience is located on the fourth floor of the Moore Building on Penn State's Main campus at University Park

Moore Building

Pennsylvania State University

State College, PA

Suzy Scherf Contact Info
Principal Investigator, Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience
Phone: 814-867-2921
Office: 113 Moore Building, Penn State University
University Park, PA
Lab Contact Info
Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience
Phone: 814-863-5626
Office: 428 Moore Building, Penn State University
University Park, PA

Interested in our Outreach Program?

The Lab of Developmental Neuroscience works with local groups in the community to get kids and teens excited about research, and to teach them about brain science and safety. 

Our outreach program involves inviting a few members of our team (who have clearances to work with children) to teach kids about brain science in interactive ways that include games and activities.


We always invite children and adolescents to participate in the very science we teach them about!


If you have a group of kids or adolescents in State College or surrounding areas and would like us to come speak, please contact our Post-Doctoral Researcher Chaia Flegenheimer at